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About Us

Open All Year!

Raven Hill Discovery Center is the only place in northern Lower Michigan where science, history and art connect for children and adults through hands-on activities and explorations, both indoors and outdoors. Connections emerge through classes, exhibits and facilities that provide opportunities for all ages to learn, create, grow and play. Raven Hill Discovery Center is also a regional science and technology center, as well as a cultural, historical and art center. The overall mission of the Center is to build life-long connections for children and adults that link science and technology, history and the arts by inviting visitors to have quality hands-on experiences in this special learning environment.

The Center is located on 157 acres, four miles southeast of East Jordan, which is in a rural area of northwestern Lower Michigan. It is adjacent to Little Traverse Conservancy’s Raven Ridge Nature Preserve with trails and overlook platform.

Open All Year! See the New Extended Hours Below!

Current Hours:
Raven Hill’s Late Fall, Winter & Early Spring Hours
From November 1st, 2015 to March 31, 2016

Saturday: Noon – 4 pm
Sunday: 2 pm – 4 pm
Also Open by Appointment Monday – Friday and Other Weekend Hours

Raven Hill’s Late Spring, Summer and Early Fall Hours
April 1 to October 31, 2015

Monday – Friday 10 am – 4 pm
Saturday: Noon – 4 pm
Sunday: 2 pm – 4 pm
Also Open by Appointment

Open Extended Hours During Many Holidays! Check our Home Page for Details!

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2015 Event Calendar: Click here for a current calendar of events for Raven Hill Discovery Center.

Admission Prices:
Members: Free! Click here for a Raven Hill Discovery Center Membership Form.
$10 for Adults and Children
Free for Babies staying in backpacks or strollers
Additional charge for Classes

Admission includes indoor, hands-on exhibits and exotic animal session, as well as outdoor exhibits.
The average visit is an hour and a half or two hours and is appropriate for all ages – from one to ninety.

Located off C-48 between East Jordan and Boyne City at Pearsall Road, which is MILE 15 of THE BREEZEWAY. Almost immediately, within 50 feet, turn left onto Fuller Road. Go over Deer Creek & up the big hill (3/4 mile). Raven Hill is on the right side of Fuller Road. Click here for more detailed directions to Raven Hill Discovery Center.

Facilities & Exhibits:

Other Amenities:

  • Picnic Area is available for use.
  • Gift Shop is located in the front entryway of the Main Museum with items such as T-shirts, silk scarves made at the center, jewelry, fossils, toys, pop, water and other small items are available for purchase.

NOTE: There is no restaurant available on site.

Click here to see a list with more detail of indoor facilities and outdoor exhibits at Raven Hill Discovery Center.
Click here to see pictures of Raven Hill Discovery Center’s facilities and exhibits on the Main Campus and in the Ancient World.
Click here to see a new version of pictures of Raven Hill Discovery Center’s facilities and exhibits on the Main Campus and in the Ancient World.
Click here to see a map of Raven Hill Discovery Center.

Learn More About and From Facilities, Exhibits and Activities:
Raven Hill is a teaching institution whose students are its visitors and its teachers are the collections and displays, just as much as the staff and volunteers. Use your smart phone or check out a tablet at the Main Museum to learn more. Just click on the link below.

Click here to learn more about and from Raven Hill’s Facilities, Exhibits and Activities.

Contact: Call 231.536.3369 or email

Feel free to call for more information and to check on weather, road conditions, classes and special events.

About Raven Hill:
Raven Hill draws on its mission – to provide a place where children and adults can build life-long connections linking science, history and the arts in a hands-on learning environment – to guide its growth and development.

Mission Statement

Building life-long connections for children and adults that link science, history and the arts in a hands-on learning environment.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide a unique environment for quality hands-on learning for people of all ages. At Raven Hill Discovery Center, we help visitors discover the world of science, history and the arts. Connections emerge through constantly evolving exhibits and facilities, thereby helping participants make sense of the world as it was, is, and might be.

A rural setting with pond, swamp, forest and fields, Raven Hill Discovery Center provides an environment for discovery and the space to learn, create, grow and play. We celebrate the joy of life-long learning and the appreciation of nature and our earth.

Since it incorporated in 1991, Raven Hill’s focus on the connections between science, history and art has strengthened. Read more

Board, Staff, Reports, Goals, Finances and Testimonials:
Raven Hill Discovery Center has a dedicated Board of Directors and Staff, who make it their mission to connect science, history and art in all facilities, exhibits, programs and outreach.